Yes, it does snow in Columbus, Ohio during the winter months. Columbus is present in Central Ohio at the junction of Scioto and Olentangy Rivers. It is the state’s capital and is the 14th largest city in the country. With an average population of 2,138,926 people, Columbus is cheaper to live in as the cost of living is 10% lower than the national average. 

Does it snow in Columbus, Ohio?

Columbus has a humid continental climate with warm to hot summers and cold winters. Snowfall is a frequent occurrence during the winter months, spanning from December till February. An average of 30 inches of snowfall is recorded in Columbus annually. 

What are winters like in Columbus, Ohio? 

Winters in Columbus may be cold but still bearable. We get windy days often and there may be precipitation in the form of snow. Although the winters in Columbus are quite gray and it snows often, in Cleveland it seems to snow forever. This is not the case in Columbus, as people do tend to live here year round. 

Make sure you have appropriate clothing to survive in Columbus’ weather. This may include wearing a parka, waterproof boots and undoubtedly, a hat. With the ongoing climate change, Columbus has also witnessed a lack of snowfall during the winter season. 

What time does it snow in Columbus, Ohio? 

Snowfall season in Columbus may start from November 20 or sometimes from December. However, there have been several instances when Columbus and Cincinnati haven’t received any significant snowfall until the start of January. Since Columbus does not have a lake snow effect, it receives comparatively less snowfall than other cities. 

It might snow on Thanksgiving in Columbus, and a white Christmas is not unheard of either. An average of 28 snowy days are witnessed by Columbus per year. 

Average snowfall in Columbus, Ohio by month 

Here is a detail of Columbus, Ohio average snowfall by month.

MonthsSnowfall (In Inches)
December 5.1
(Columbus, Ohio average snowfall map)

Columbus, Ohio snowfall by year 

Here’s a list of most yearly snowfall in Columbus’ history 

YearSnowfall (In Inches)
(Columbus, Ohio average snowfall by year)

Columbus, Ohio average temperature by month 

MonthsHigh/Low Temperature (°C)
October 19°/6°
December 5°/-4° 
(Average temperature Columbus, Ohio by month)


Columbus Snowfall 2023-2024 

Data for Columbus Winter 2022-2023 showed that the season was one of the warmest ever recorded. Although there were some days which witnessed below freezing temperatures, overall the weather remained pretty mild. The biggest snow accumulation was seen on December 23rd, turning the city crystal white during the Christmas eve. 

According to predictions regarding 2023-2024 winters in Columbus, there’s a 40-50% chance that the weather will remain warmer than usual. The city is going to witness below average snowfall. Not only this, the winter would also be drier compared to the previous ones. Although rain showers are expected, the chances of snow flurries are significantly low. 

Things to do in Columbus during Winters

Can’t decide what to do in Columbus, Ohio during the winter season? Looks like we got you covered here! Here are some fun things to do in Columbus, Ohio for adults during winters. 


While there aren’t any ski resorts within Columbus due to its flat terrain, you can still enjoy this activity in the surrounding areas. The Mad River Mountain resort is the closest to Columbus and offers a range of slopes. About an hour drive north, you’ll find Snowtrails, which is the oldest ski resort in Ohio. 

Ice Skating 

There are several outdoor as well as indoor ice skating rinks in Columbus. One of the best options in this case is The Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus which offers skating options along with a festive environment. 

Winter Hiking 

Columbus is rich in natural beauty and the scenic trails provide an excellent opportunity to explore it. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set on a winter hike in places like Blendon Woods Metro Park or Hayden Falls Park.

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