Yes, it does snow in Denver, Colorado. Denver is located in the central part of the United States and has a semi-arid climate. This means that the city witnesses dry, sunny summers and cold and snowy winters. 

The amount of snowfall received by the city varies from year to year. On average, the city witnesses 56.5 inches of snowfall every year. This amount of snowfall may be because of Denver’s presence in the Rocky Mountains. 

How Often Does it Snow in Denver? 

Denver witnesses an average of 53 snowy days per year. Snowfall is common during the winter months, ranging from October till April. The snowiest month is March with 11.5 inches of snowfall on average. 

To your understanding, Denver is even colder than Chicago, as Chicago witnesses 37 inches of annual snowfall. Although Denver’s snowfall average is less than the national average of 61 inches, it is still quite snowy. 

Average Snowfall in Denver By Month

Here’s a table to understand average Denver snowfall by month:

MonthInches Centimeters
March 11.529.21

When does it snow in Denver? 

What months does Denver get snow? The city experiences snowfall from October till April or sometimes May. However, snow accumulation may be seen as late as November. Denver average snowfall by year may vary depending on the weather conditions.


October marks the start of the winter season in Denver. Average temperature ranges from 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit (3°C) to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20°C). It snows for an average 3.4 inches (8.6 centimeters) in Denver during this month. Keep in mind that there are normally snow flurries which disappear instantly. 


The first snow accumulation is normally witnessed from November. Denver is not very cold during November which makes it a good time to visit. Temperature normally remains between 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit (-3°C) to 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit (14°C). An average of 5.0 inches (12.8 centimeters) of snowfall is accumulated during this month. 


December is also one of the winter months in Denver with high chances of snowfall. If you are looking for a white Christmas, Denver won’t disappoint you. Average temperature fluctuates between 19.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-7°C) to 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit (8°C). A snowfall accumulation of up to 6.1 inches (15.4 centimeters) is seen. 


January is one of the coldest and the snowiest months in the city. Temperature can go as low as 19.4 degrees Fahrenheit  (-7°C) to as high as 48.2 degrees Fahrenheit (9°C). Snowfall is very common and snowstorms occur often. Average snowfall doesn’t exceed 5.7 inches (14.6 centimeters) per month. Snow covered landscapes are very sightseeing. 


Similar to January, February is also the peak of the winter season. If you want to know what winters are like in Denver, then keep in mind that they are very chilly. Denver winter temperatures during this month range from 21.2 degrees Fahrenheit (-6°C) to 48.2 degrees Fahrenheit  (9°C). If you are planning to visit during this month, make sure you have warm clothes with you. 


Does it snow heavily in Denver? Yes! March is the snowiest month in Denver. Temperatures fluctuate between 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-2°C) to 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit (14°C). An average of 11.5 inches (29.21 centimeters) of snowfall is seen during this month. 


April is the second snowiest month in Denver after March. Temperature ranges from 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit (2°C) to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit (18°C). Snowfall may accumulate up to 8.8 inches (22.3 centimeters) during this month. 


May is the last winter month in Denver as the weather transitions to spring. Snowfall becomes rare as temperature rises a little. Temperature in the beginning of the month is 7°C which can go up to 23°C at the end. No more than 1.8 inches (4.5 centimeters) of snowfall is seen during this month. 

How many days a year does it snow in Denver?

Denver receives its first snowfall as early as October. The last measurable snowfall in the city is witnessed till April 30. Snowfall is more frequent in the inner regions than in the eastern or northeastern part of the city. The western suburbs of Denver receive about 65 inches of snow while places near the Denver International Airport receive about 47 inches.

Where does it snow in Denver? 

Want to know how much snow does Denver get? Snowfall in Denver normally covers the entire city and its surrounding areas. Since the city witnesses heavy snowfall during the winter months, all roads and sidewalks can be seen covered in snow. 

Some areas which are at higher elevation may receive more snowfall than low lying ones. Genesee is a city located in the foothill of the Rocky Mountains and receives comparatively greater snowfall. Morrison and Conifer are other regions where snowfall is more frequent. 

Winter activities in Denver

Don’t know what to do on the weekend in Denver in winter? We got you covered here! Here’s a list of romantic things to do in Denver in winter:


Denver offers some of the best ski resorts in the country, which are not to miss out on at all. Take your loved ones on a skiing trip and enjoy your day to the fullest. The Rocky Mountain offers a number of ski resorts including Winter Park, Breckenridge, Vail, and Keystone etc. 

Horse-drawn Carriage Ride 

Want something classy with a historic touch? Why not take a horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown Denver or in a nearby park and feel like a royalty. 

Ice Skating 

Ice Skating is also a good option to enjoy your winter months. Denver has a lot to offer when it comes to ice skating. Some of the best ice skating rinks in town include The Southwest Rink at Skyline Park in downtown Denver. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Make your proposal even dreamy by booking a hot air balloon ride in Denver. Enjoy the breathtaking views present in the city and get awe inspired by nature. 


Want to go snowmobiling but don’t know how to do so? Denver offers guided snowmobiling activities for tourists which will allow you to enjoy snowfall to the fullest.

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