Yes, it does snow in Greenville, South Carolina but it is relatively infrequent. Present in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville is known for its cultural and entertainment venues.

Does it snow in Greenville, SC?

Thanks to the natural beauty offered by the city, people can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and biking. It is present 300 meters above sea level and has a population of about 72,095 people. Greenville is one of the largest urban centers and is the richest town in South Carolina. 

Greenville, South Carolina experiences a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. Snowfall is relatively infrequent compared to other parts of the United States. An average of 3 inches of snowfall is recorded in Greenville annually. 

What are winters like in Greenville, South Carolina? 

Winters in Greenville are quite mild and are a great escape for people who want to avoid the harsh weather conditions. The city experiences four distinct seasons, which is why Greenville is considered a really good place to live. Up to an inch snowfall may be recorded by the city during the winter months, with an average of three inches.

The hottest month in Greenville is July while January is the coldest month. Also, the city has moderate disaster rate, with little chances of hurricanes. 

Fall in Greenville, SC spans from September till November, after which the winter season sets in. Winters in the city start from December and last until March. Taking into account Greenville, Sc average temperature by month, December and January may be the coldest months with the highest chances of snowfall. Snow in Greenville, SC 2023 isn’t likely to happen as predictions indicate a warm winter this year. 

How often does it snow in Greenville, SC? 

Snowfall is not that common in Greenville as the city experiences quite mild weather conditions. This season spans from December till March. December is the month with the highest chances of snowfall. Here is a list of the city’s snowfall history. 

YearSnowfall (In Inches)
Annual Snowfall Average in Greenville, SC

Snowfall during Christmas isn’t that common and the last time it snowed during Christmas in Greenville, SC was back in 2010. Greenville, SC year round humidity is quite high due to the warmth of the Gulf and the Caribbean Sea. 

Things to do in Greenville, South Carolina 

Winters in Greenville are relatively mild and that is why icy adventures are not really possible. However, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy during this season. Here are some free winter activities in Greenville, South Carolina. 


Although skiing is not possible in Greenville, you can visit other nearby resorts to enjoy this activity. While there are no ski slopes in South Carolina, you will have to go to either North Carolina or Tennessee for this purpose. Some of the best resorts in this regard include Ski Sapphire Valley in Sapphire Valley and Wolf Ridge resort in Mars Hill. 


Explore the scenic landscape of the city by going on a hike in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. Make sure to check the weather predictions before going on a hike. 

Winter Festivals 

The city hosts several winter festivals like Holiday Parades, etc. Greenville, SC Christmas events are the most celebrated occasions of the year. Don’t forget to check Greenville’s Christmas Markets during your stay there.  

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