No matter how scenic a snowy day is, it can become a motorist’s worst challenge. Apart from the serenity it offers, this heavy snow can leave your car stuck in the middle of nowhere. If you also have a car stuck in snow or are fearing such a situation may arise in the future, this guide is for you. So what are you waiting for? Turn the tables by driving on a snowy road with confidence and skill! 

Stuck in Snow Here’s What To Do

How to pull a car out of the snow? 

Here are some tips and tricks to follow if your car is stuck in ice. 

Don’t Panic 

The very first thing to do when your car is stuck in snow is to control your nerves. Don’t panic, just take a break. Stop your vehicle and relax yourself in order to control the situation. Sit down for a while and think about getting out of this situation. 

Clear the path

Make sure you start by clearing the path across the tires to move the car. Take a shovel and proceed to dig out the snow around your vehicle. Using a snow shovel would be more helpful, so make sure you carry it with you when you drive in such conditions. 

Create Traction 

Try to increase the friction between the tires and the ground by spreading either sand, kitty litter, or floor mats. This will reduce slipperiness and will help you to move back and forth. 

Move your vehicle back and forth

Try moving the vehicle back and forth to clear the area. You can do this by shifting the car to a low gear and then accelerating and reversing it. Make sure you apply some pressure on the gas pedal so that the tires don’t spin excessively. 

Seek help

In case you are unable to pull out the car yourself, seek help. Check if there are people around you and ask them to push the car for you. Make sure you take proper precautionary measures beforehand like checking if the ground isn’t that slippery and you are in forward gear. 

Slightly deflate the tires

Try deflating the tires slightly to increase the surface area. This method may be useful but try doing it only if you know these things and have control over the tire pressure. 

How to get a car unstuck by yourself?

Stuck in the middle of nowhere and don’t know who to call for help? Try doing it yourself! Just start by digging the snow around the wheels to clear the area and build traction between the wheels and the ground. Force some mat, blanket, plank, or anything of such sort under the wheels if possible. Now, get back in the car and try moving it back and forth. Drive forward very slowly until you feel like the wheels are now on a stiff ground. 

Car Stuck in Snow

If there is no chance of getting your car out of snow, don’t get nervous. Get some shelter and relax. If possible, lit a fire to get warm.

Who to call when stuck in snow? 

911 is the number that you should be calling when stuck in snow. Apart from this, you can also contact the roadside service like AAA. Contact them and inform them about your condition and ask them about their expected time of arrival.

In case you are unable to contact them, make sure you leave them a message. Keep into account that calling 911 is not free and if you want to get your vehicle towed, you will have to pay a minimum $100 for this.