As the weather transitions towards winter, it is essential that we have some basic survival skills. No matter if you are trapped somewhere or are just venturing on a camping expedition, these skills will help you everywhere you go.

How To Make Fire in The Snow

If you are also wondering about how to make a fire in the snow from scratch, this guide will surely aid you. From preparing the ground to kindling fire, this comprehensive blog will equip you to transform a chilly environment into a haven of warmth. 

Can There Be Fire During Snow?

Yes, fire can happen in snow if and only if it is dry snow. In case a particular region has not received any rain in a said period, the first snowfall will be dry snow. This dry snow can catch fire because there are still leaves under it.

In case you are trapped in a region with wet snow and want to start a fire, make sure you find dry fuel from somewhere. This may include tinder, kindling, or other fuel sources. Starting a fire in wet snow is not impossible but would take more effort. 

How to light a fire in the snow?

Here is a step by step guide about how to build a fire in the snow:

  • Choose a location which is safe from winds. 
  • Check if the snow is deep or not. Start digging until you reach the ground. 
  • Now, place your tinder on the ground and arrange sticks around it. Light the tinder.
  • Even if you do not have sticks, the wood beneath the snow would also prove to be helpful. 
  • Use fire starters designed for wet conditions like waterproof matches, firestarter sticks, or firestarter cubes. 
  • In case you want to raise the fire, start your fire on an elevated platform. Use materials like green branches or rocks in order to prevent the fire from sinking into the snow. 
  • Keep in mind that starting a fire requires a lot of time and you must be patient throughout the process.

If you find yourself stuck in the snow and unable to light a fire, check out our article on ‘How to Get a Car Unstuck From Snow‘ for helpful tips.

How to start a fire in the snow without matches?

You won’t have a match everywhere you go. Imagine if you are stuck in the middle of somewhere and you don’t have a lighter with you. Starting a fire is very essential either for cooking, warmth, or survival. Here are some tricks to start a fire without matches:

Use Friction

The best method to start a fire without a lighter is through friction-based methods. Start by building a tinder nest using anything that catches fire easily, like dry grass, bark, or leaves. Then, cut a v-shaped notch in the fire board and make a small depression near it. Now, place the stick into this depression and rub it between your hands. Make sure the stick is about 2 feet long. Keep rubbing it until a fire starts. 

Bow Drill Method

This is a very traditional method of starting a fire. It involves the usage of bow, spindle, socket, and a hearth board. All you have to do is move the bow back and forth which will cause the spindle to rotate against the hearth board. Heat will be generated which will start a fire. 

How do you start a fire in the Arctic?

You can start a fire in the Arctic or in some extreme cold areas by making a fire plough. Start by carving a groove in a dry piece of wood (hearth) using a harder piece of wood (plough). Then, rub the plough back and forth along the groove to create friction and generate heat. This will ignite the fire. 

Alternatively, you can also collect some plastic products like disposable spoons and foam rubber from the surroundings and ignite it using a burning match.