Yes, it snows in Kansas City during the winter season. Kansas City has a very continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. Snowfall is mostly common during the winter months from December to February. The amount of snowfall may vary in each of these months. Following is a detailed guide on does it snow in Kansas City in winter.

When does it snow in Kansas City?

Winter is the time when snowfall is most likely going to occur. The winter months in the city include December, January, and February. Although the winter season starts from the end of November, the chances of snowfall are very thin during this month. An average of 18 inches of snow is recorded in the city every year. The highlands can also get up to 20 inches of snow. 

Snow in Kansas City in Months


Does it snow in Kansas City in December? Yes, December is one of the coldest months in the city and the chances of snowfall are very high. However, the exact amount of snowfall cannot be predicted and it is necessary that you check the weather updates before visiting. Weather drops to freezing temperature anywhere between -3.9 to -9.4 degrees Celsius. 


Snowfall is quite common in January. January is the peak winter season and cold winds blow throughout. On average, Kansas city receives 5 to 6 inches of snowfall during January. However, this data may change as some years may witness heavier snowfall while others may have lesser amounts. Outdoor activities are on the surge during this winter month, including skiing, ice skating, snowboarding etc. 


Yes, it does snow in February but the chances are a little less. In February, the temperature gets comparatively higher as a shift towards the spring season is witnessed. The likelihood of snowfall becomes comparatively less, but not zero. An average of 4 to 5 inches of snowfall may be recorded. Normally, the temperature remains between 4.4 to 10 degrees Celsius. 

Comparison of cities of snowfall: Kansas City with other cities

Kansas city receives a moderate amount of snowfall during the winter season, which is less than the national average. On the east of Kansas City is St. Louis which has an average snowfall of 17 inches per year. Omaha, Nebraska is present to the north of the city and has an annual average snowfall of 30 inches per year. This is because it is located on the banks of the Missouri River. Des Moines, Iowa is present on the northwest of Kansas City and receives a substantial amount of snowfall during the winter season. It has a yearly average of 35 inches.

The weather patterns may change and you may check the local news for Kansas City snowfall 2023.

Where does it snow in Kansas City?

Snowfall can occur throughout the city, including its metropolitan areas. The entire city seems to be covered in a snow blanket during the winter days. Some of the places where snowfall can be observed in Kansas City include Westport, Union Station, Power and Light District, and Country Club Plaza. Keep in mind that the amount of snowfall may vary in different parts of the city at the same time.

How often does it snow in Kansas city?

Kansas City experiences snowfall during the winter season, ranging from December till February. However, light showers can also be witnessed from October till April. On average, Kansas City experiences 15 to 20 days of snow per year. 

Here is a list of Kansas City Snowfall totals and accumulation averages: 

MonthsSnowfall (In Inches)

If you want to check Kansas City Snowfall Today, make sure you use the Snow Day Calculator.

Skiing Resorts in Kansas City 

Kansas does not have naturally mountainous terrain, so people will have to opt for skiing resorts in order to enjoy this outdoor activity. Following are some of the ski resorts in and near the city, which are popular tourist attractions. 

Snow Creek 

This resort is located in Weston, near the Mississippi River. Snow Creek Resort is a great place to have fun as it provides a complete package for skiing and snowboarding. The resort is not that large-scale but has affordable pricing. There are 11 different skiing routes available. It proves to be a really convenient option for anyone trying to have fun in the city. 

Timber Ridge

Timber Ridge is another family friendly skiing resort located in Gobles, Michigan. It is just 600 miles northeast of Kansas City. You can either drive along or just take a small flight. A number of slopes are available for skiing and visitors are surely going to enjoy it to the core!

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What to do in Kansas City during the winter?

Bored in Kansas City in winters? Well, there are a lot of activities you can do during this time. We have compiled a list of these activities so that you don’t have to!

Skiing and snowboarding

Kansas city winter weather surely calls for skiing. Different skiing resorts are present in the city. Take a 45 minute drive to Snow Creek and snowboard as much as you want to! 

Ice Skating 

Ice Skating can be done in Kansas City, both indoor and outdoor. There are a lot of public places allowing ice skating and this activity is surely going to brighten up your day for good. 

Snow Tubing 

The Snow Creek Ski Area also allows snow tubing. Sliding down the slopes in inflatable tubes is such an exhilarating experience and you can make the most of your trip through it. 

Snowman building and snowball fights 

There’s pleasure in some simple things in life. Although snowball building doesn’t seem really entertaining when reading out, it’s surely a lifetime experience when you are doing it. Engage in snowball fights with your loved ones and make your trip memorable! 

Kansas City experiences snowfall in winter, from December till February. Many popular ski resorts in the area offer winter activities. Hope so now you would have an idea about does it snow in Kansas City.

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