Yes, it does snow in Lake Arrowhead during the winter months. Lake Arrowhead is present in the San Bernardino National Forest and is also sometimes called ‘The Alps of Southern California‘.

This scenic heaven is known for its outdoor recreational activities including bicycling, skiing, hiking, and much more. It is an artificial lake, stretching up to 780 acres. Governed by the County of San Bernardino, Lake Arrowhead gets its name from the arrowhead rock formation in the San Bernardino Mountains. 

Does it snow in Lake Arrowhead?

Lake Arrowhead has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate with frequent snowfall during the winter months. It receives over 40 inches of snowfall every year, making it a go-to destination for every winter lover out there. 

What time does it snow in Lake Arrowhead? 

The snowy period in Lake Arrowhead lasts for about 3.3 months, starting from December 2 and lasting till March 12. Sometimes, the snowfall may start as early as November and last up till April. 


December is the first month of snowy season in Lake Arrowhead. The temperature during this month fluctuates between 29.7 degrees Fahrenheit to 46.7 degrees Fahrenheit. An average of 5.6 inches of snowfall is witnessed in Lake Arrowhead during December. 


January is the coldest month of the year in Lake Arrowhead. Temperature can range between 28.9 degrees Fahrenheit to 45.7 degrees Fahrenheit. An average of 10.8 inches of snowfall is witnessed in Lake Arrowhead during this month. 


February is also one of the coldest months of the year in Lake Arrowhead. Temperature may go as low as 29.8 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 48.8 degrees Fahrenheit. No more than 11.4 inches of snowfall is recorded in the area during this month. 


March is normally the last month of winter in Lake Arrowhead. Temperature fluctuates between 31.4 degrees Fahrenheit to 53.1 degrees Fahrenheit. An average of 11.7 inches of snowfall is recorded in Lake Arrowhead during March. 

Lake Arrowhead Snowfall by month

Months Snowfall (In Inches)
June 0.0
July 0.0
Lake Arrowhead Snowfall by Month

Lake Arrowhead snow 2023 dumped almost 9 feet of snow within a few days, which was considered one of the worst snowstorms in the lake’s history. 

Is Lake Arrowhead good for skiing? 

Although Lake Arrowhead is present at a higher elevation which is good to experience snowfall but not really suitable for winter activities like skiing. Snow Valley Ski Resort is the closest to Lake Arrowhead, present at a 30 minutes drive. This resort is open for people of all age groups and offers a variety of activities. Apart from this, you can also enjoy snowboarding and snow tubing here. SkyPark at Santa’s Village has an ice skating rink which is also a great way to enjoy the winter wonderland in Lake Arrowhead.

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