Yes, it does snow in Las Vegas, although the instances are very rare. An average of 0.3 inches of snowfall is witnessed each year. This means that you won’t be able to experience snow covered monuments, as these are light drizzles. 

The climate of Las Vegas is hot and dry, due to its southwestern location in the country. It is surrounded by the Mojave Desert and its weather conditions may be attributed to this fact. Las Vegas weather does experience a change in seasons, snowfall is still a rare occurrence. 

When does it snow in Las Vegas? 

It snows in Las Vegas in winter months. Winter in Las Vegas spans from December till February. However, the snow is very light and does not accumulate. Traces of snow can also be found in November and March, however, this phenomenon is very uncommon. 


December marks the start of the winter season in Las Vegas. Temperatures can range from 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit (-3°C) to 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15°C). On average, the city receives about 0.2 inches (0.5 cm) of snowfall during this month. December is the coldest month in Las Vegas. 


Temperatures are slightly higher as compared to December and therefore, the chances of snowfall are relatively low. Average temperature in Las Vegas in January ranges from 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-2°C) to 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15°C). The city receives almost 2.3 inches (5.8 cm) of snowfall during this month. 


Winters are almost over and the weather sees a transition towards spring. Temperature fluctuates from 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1°C) to 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit (19°C). The amount of snowfall recorded during February is 2.2 inches (5.58 cm) on average. 

What are winters like in Las Vegas?  

Winters in Las Vegas are quite mild, but give a break from its scorching hot summers. Temperature during daytime ranges from mid-50s to mid-60s degrees Fahrenheit (12-18° C). Nights are comparatively cooler with average temperature ranging from mid-30s to mid-40s degree Fahrenheit (1-7°C). 

The climate of Las Vegas is marked by dry conditions with little rainfall. Some winter months may also bring strong winds, which may lower the mercury. Snowfall is typically due to occasional temperature fluctuations as the normal winter weather remains moderate. 

Where does it snow in Las Vegas? 

Since Las Vegas is a desert region, snowfall is not common in the plain areas. Locations with higher altitudes are more likely to witness snowfall during the winter season. One of the most notable places near Las Vegas is the Spring Mountains, which includes the popular Mount Charleston. It is the highest peak in the region and the chances of snowfall are more likely. 

Other Las Vegas snow mountains also receive snowfall including the Sheep Range and the McCullough Range. The main city receives very little snow, on average 0.3 inches during the entire winter season. 

Winter activities in Las Vegas 

Las Vegas offers plenty of activities during the winter season. Here’s a list of things you can do during your trip to Las Vegas! 

Skiing and snowboarding 

There’s no better way to enjoy the winter season other than skiing and snowboarding. Although there are no ski resorts in Las Vegas, there are plenty of options in the city’s periphery! The Brian Head Ski Resort is located at a three hour distance from the city and the Lee Canyon Ski Resort is only an hour drive from Las Vegas. These resorts provide opportunities for skiing and snowboarding and tourists must not miss out on these destinations at all! 

Casinos and gaming 

One of the reasons why Las Vegas is so famous is its casinos. Gambling is a quite common activity here and why not try your luck while you are there! Indoor gaming hubs are also very popular and all those who are a fan of video games must take this chance. 

Sightseeing and tours 

Sightseeing is the best way to get to know the city’s architectural wonders. Take a tour to explore all of the iconic landmarks present in Las Vegas including the Fountains of Bellagio, the High Roller Observation Wheel, and the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Also, don’t miss out on the famous attractions like the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. 

Ice skating 

Some of the hotels in Las Vegas also organize ice skating activities during the winter season. Some of the famous places in this regard include the Las Vegas Ice Center, the Pepsi Ice Arena, and the Rock Rink at Downtown Summerlin. 

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