Yes! It snows in Leavenworth, Washington during the winter months. Located in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Leavenworth is a Bavarian-styled village famous for its architecture. What’s best about this town is that it is located only about 120 miles east of Seattle, making it a popular weekend getaway for people of that area. 

Leavenworth, Washington has a four season climate with short, dry summers and freezing and snowy winters. Snowfall is a significant part of Leavenworth’s climate, in fact the city is one of the snowiest in the country. An average of 89 inches of snowfall is recorded in Leavenworth annually. This snowy environment provides opportunities for winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc. 

Leavenworth, WA Annual Snowfall 

Snowy winters in Leavenworth are very common as the city receives almost 8 feet of snow every year. Here is a list of Leavenworth, Washington snowfall by year 

YearSnowfall (In Inches)
Leavenworth, WA snowfall by year

What months does it snow in Leavenworth, WA? 

Weather in Leavenworth, Washington remains quite chilly during the winter months. The snowy period in the city spans from October 27 to March 26. You can surely expect a white Christmas in this winter wonderland. 


November marks the start of the winter season in Leavenworth. Average temperature in November fluctuates between 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.2°C) to 44 degrees Fahrenheit (6.6 degrees Fahrenheit). The average snowfall during the start of the month is 1.7 inches and reaches almost 11.8 inches at the end of the month. 


December is the second and the snowiest month of the year in Leavenworth. The temperature during this month normally ranges between 21 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.1°C) to 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1°C). Almost 17.4 inches of snowfall is seen in Leavenworth during this month. Road blockages are sometimes witnessed in Leavenworth during December. Make sure you check the local weather reports before visiting the city. Leavenworth, Washington Christmas season is one of the best in all of the States and make sure you enjoy this time to the fullest. 


January is also considered one of the snowiest months in the city with an average snowfall of 15.9 inches. Temperature during this month oscillates from 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.6°C) to 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1°C). Snow accumulation is very common during this month so make sure you pack necessary stuff with you. 


February also witnesses significant snowfall during the winter months. Average temperature during this month ranges from 22 degrees Fahrenheit (-5.5°C) to 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6.1°C). Snowfall during the start of the month is almost 10.6 inches, while it reaches 4.5 inches at the end of the month. 


March marks the transition of winter into spring in Leavenworth and temperatures begin to rise a little. Average lows during this month reach up to 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.2°C) with the highs ranging up to 53 degrees Fahrenheit (11.6°C). Almost 4.4 inches of snowfall is seen in Leavenworth during March.  

Leavenworth, Washington Hotels

Looking for the best hotels in Leavenworth to stay in? The city is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in all of the country thanks to its beautiful architecture. One of the best hotels in Leavenworth is the Bavarian Lodges, which has a sort of vintage vibe. Apart from this, the Icicle Village Resort and the Alpine Rivers Inn are also great options for nature lovers. The view from the balconies is so fresh and awe inspiring that truly leaves one mesmerized! 

Things to do in Leavenworth, WA 

Living in Leavenworth, Washington can be quite fun especially in the winter months. Here are some fun activities to keep yourself hooked for the season


What could be more indulging than skiing in this snowy weather? Located about 40 miles west of Leavenworth, Stevens Pass is one of the most popular destinations for skiing. Thanks to the variety of terrains offered, people with all skill levels can easily ski here. Moreover, areas like Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery and Icicle River Trails also offer cross country skiing options. 

Ice Skating 

Leavenworth also offers ice skating opportunities for people. A number of outdoor ice skating rinks are available in the city, among which one of the most famous is Leavenworth Ski Hill. Even if you don’t have skates at the moment, you can easily rent it from here, making it easily accessible for everyone. 

Winter Hiking 

The Icicle Gorge Trail and Snow Lakes Trail offer a number of scenic trails which are best suited for all the winter lovers. From snow covered trees to breathtaking waterfalls, these trails are surely a must visit. 

Wine Tasting 

Leavenworth and its nearby areas are home to various wineries and tasting rooms. The Wenatchee Valley Wine Country has numerous wineries where you can taste some of the finest wines. Apart from this, these wineries offer scenic views which are surely a sight for sore eyes. 

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