Yes, it does snow in London during the winter season. Planning a trip to London this season and don’t know what to expect next? Looks like we got you covered here.

Does it Snow in London? 

Thanks to the city’s maritime climate, it experiences a comparatively mild winter season as opposed to other nearby regions. Snowfall may be relatively rare in the region but it is not completely unheard of.

According to statistics, London witnesses about 16 snowy days per year, though the frequency may vary. Even if it does snow, it is usually a fraction of an inch and accumulation is rarely seen. 

When did it last snow in London? 

Although snow flurries were recorded this week too and mercury dropped to about -5, the last time London got significant snowfall was back in 2022. This led to a disruption in daily activity as the country was also undergoing a winter energy crisis. The worst snowfall to ever hit the city was in 1947, when thousands of people were left without basic supplies. 

How often does it snow in London? 

While the capital may get covered in snow this week too, many people are concerned how often this normally occurs. London experiences relatively infrequent snowfall activity, with an average of 16 snowy days per season. Tornadoes are very rare and thunderstorms may have the same occurrence rate as does snowfall. Recent snowfall instances have been witnessed in the city in 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2017

What months is it snowing in London? 

Snowfall in London may be experienced any time between November and February, if you are lucky enough. 


November marks the beginning of winter season in the city. The start of this month is still autumn and the weather slowly transitions later on. An average of 60 mm (2.4 inches) of precipitation is received during this month. Although light snow flurries have been recorded during this month, but not every year. Average temperature normally remains between 53 degrees Fahrenheit to 44 degrees Fahrenheit. 


December is normally the first month of the snowfall season in London. Temperatures drop a little and fluctuate between 49 degrees Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Average total precipitation remains around 55 mm (2.2 inches). If you are hoping for a snowy Christmas, we regret to inform you that you will be disappointed. Light flurries have been recorded plenty of times, but not every year


January is the coldest month of the year in London, which means the chances of witnessing snowfall are the maximum. Temperatures hover between 47 degrees Fahrenheit to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Average total precipitation during this month is about 55 mm (2.2 inches). A total of 3 snowy days are witnessed in the city during this month on average. 


February is the last month of snow season in the city. The chances of witnessing snowfall are the greatest during this time of the year. Temperatures remain between 48 degrees Fahrenheit to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Average total precipitation is about 41 mm (1.6 inches). About 4 snowy days may be recorded in the city during this month. 

Does it snow in London every year? 

No, snow is not reported in the city every year. Although flurries are reported every few years, accumulation is still rarely seen. Taking the climate crisis into account, the chances of witnessing snow in London are getting thinner day by day. If you are concerned about whether it will snow in London in 2024, then we are pleased to tell you that chances of snow flurries are expected this week too. Apart from this, a snowstorm is also expected to hit parts of the UK in the first week of 2024. 

Does it snow in London during Christmas? 

Not every year! While the holidays of 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2017 have been termed as white Christmas, it isn’t as you think it is. There was no snow accumulation, rather some snow flurries were recorded. A true white Christmas has not occurred in the city for like more than 20 years. As far as other parts of the country are concerned, a snowy Christmas is still rare because snowfall season normally starts in January. 

Winter activities in London 

London is a city well prepared for the winter weather and if you are planning to stay here during this season, we have got some good news for you. Here are some activities which will keep you hooked during your stay there. 


Whoever told you that skiing isn’t possible in London is certainly wrong. With a number of indoor and outdoor locations in and out the city, we assure you, you won’t be disappointed at all. The Snow Center in Hemel Hempstead is just a 30 minutes train ride away from the city. Apart from this, The Snozone in Milton Keynes may be a little further from the city but is considered Europe’s largest indoor ski slope

Spend some time in an Igloo

Yes, you read that right! Spending a day in a cozy igloo could really prove to be a mood booster for you and your loved ones. Arrange a romantic date for your partner and make the proposal even more special with the scenic view present. Don’t forget to watch the northern lights and get awe inspired by the awe inspiring nature. 


What’s the point of visiting London if you don’t enjoy their festivals? Engage yourself in some winter festivals and get to know more about English culture. Visit the Spitalfields Music Festival and enjoy the epic performances there. If you are there during the Christmas days, make sure you visit the Southbank Centre Wintertime Festival to indulge in a festive atmosphere. 

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