Yes, it does snow in Louisiana but very rarely. This southeastern US state is bordered by Arkansas in the north, Mississippi to the east, and Texas in the west. Baton Rouge is the capital city while New Orleans is the largest and is a major cultural and economic hub. Louisiana is a great place for retired people who want to escape the harsh weather conditions of the country. 

Does it snow in Louisiana?

Louisiana has a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild winters. The northern and western regions of the state receive a comparatively greater amount of snowfall every year. Winters in Louisiana are characterized by low temperatures and strong winds with occasional snowfall. An average of 0.2 inches of snowfall is recorded in Louisiana annually. 

What are winters like in Louisiana? 

Louisiana doesn’t witness harsh weather conditions during the winter months and is a good escape for people avoiding heavy snowfall. Although temperatures drop down a little during the winter months, snowfall is very rarely witnessed. Louisiana may get freezing rain accompanied with strong winds, icing, and sleeting during this time of the year. While the average amount of snowfall is far less than other states, winter storms and heavy winds occur often. 

What months does it snow in Louisiana?

Winters in Louisiana span from December and last until February. While snowfall is highly rare, light flurries may be recorded at times. Temperatures during these months range from mid-40s in the northern region to low 50s in the southern side. Although weather patterns may vary from year to year, extreme events are still highly unlikely in Louisiana. 

When did it last snow in Louisiana? 

The last time snowfall was recorded in Louisiana was on December 8, 2017. A winter storm struck the state leaving snowflakes in many parts of Louisiana. Almost 3.5 inches of snowfall was recorded in the state during this day. Before this, the previous recorded snowfall was on February 12, 2010. No more than 1.0 inch of snowfall was witnessed during this day. 

What years did it snow in Louisiana? 

Here’s a list of years in which it snowed in Louisiana

YearMonth /DaySnowfall (In Inches)
2017Dec 83.5
2010Feb 121.0
2009Dec 40.3 
2008Dec 113
1988Feb 53.2 
1973Feb 91.8
1973Jan 120.1
1973Jan 110.1
Annual Snowfall in Louisiana

What part of Louisiana gets snow? 

Louisiana does experience a chilly winter weather, although snowfall is pretty rare. The northern and western regions of the state are more likely to receive snowfall than the southern and southeastern part. However, uncertain weather conditions arise often. Since New Orleans is present in the southeastern part of the state, the probability of frost or snow storm is about 36%. Snow is not really common in regions near the Gulf of Mexico. On the other hand, places in the northern side may receive about one to three events of snowfall within a year. 

Things to do in Louisiana in winters 

Since Louisiana is known for its mild winter weather, snowy activities are not really possible. Here are some winter activities in Louisiana for couples:


Although Louisiana does not witness a significant amount of snowfall for skiing, there are still options present in nearby states. You can check for some nearby resorts in Arkansas, Texas, or Mississippi. 

Cajun and Creole Cuisine 

If you are searching for indoor winter activities in Louisiana, then Cajun and Creole cuisine is a very good option. Warm up with the hearty stews and explore other local restaurants to enjoy your stay there.  

Mardi Gras Celebrations

Mardi Gras is more commonly associated with spring so if you are looking for things to do in Louisiana for spring break, do try this out. The season officially begins on January 6th (twelfth night) where you can attend parades and explore the unique culture and traditions of Louisiana. 

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