Yes, it does snow in Memphis, but it is relatively rare as compared to the northern areas. Located in the western part of the state of Tennessee, Memphis’ terrain is quite flat. It is present on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River and is part of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. The city is often referred to as the ‘Home of the Blues’ or the ‘Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ due to its rich musical heritage. 

Memphis has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. Snowfall in the city does occur in the winter months, particularly January and February. No snow accumulation is seen in the city as there are normally light showers that disappear quickly. An average of 3.8 inches of snowfall is recorded in Memphis annually. 

What months does it snow in Memphis, Tennessee? 

Winters in Memphis last for 2.9 months, starting from November and ending till February. The snowy period in Memphis usually spans from December 19 to February 28. As far as predictions for this year are concerned, Memphis will experience above-normal snowfall and somewhat normal precipitation. 


December is the second month of winter and the first month of snow in Memphis. Daily temperatures during this month normally range between 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit (2°C) to 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit (12°C). December witnesses very light snowfall for about 0.8 days and the snow accumulation may reach up to 0.04 inches. 


January is the coldest and the snowiest month in the city. Temperatures during this month normally fluctuate between 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0°C) to 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit (12°C). Average snowfall accumulation during this month may range from 1.2 to 1.6 inches. 


February is generally the last month of snowfall season in Memphis. Temperatures rise a little and oscillate between 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit (2°C) to 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit (13°C). Snowfall of no more than an inch is witnessed during this month. 

How often does it snow in Memphis, Tennessee? 

Even though Memphis receives a little bit of snowfall every year, it is relatively less as compared to other northern areas. The most snowfall ever recorded in the city was on March 17, 1892, which saw an average of 18 inches of snow. As far as the Christmas season is concerned, it is very rare in Memphis to experience snow during Christmas. However, rain has been witnessed multiple times. Taking into account weather in Memphis, Tennessee, almost 50 out of the previous 147 years experienced rain on Christmas days. Snow in Memphis 2023 turned into an ice storm on January 31, covering everything in a snow blanket.

The coldest Christmas in Memphis was back in 1963 when most of the city was buried by a Christmas Eve snowstorm. Over the past 100 years, Memphis has seen snowfall during Christmas for only 7 times. These years were 1962, 1963, 1966, 1980, 1990, 1998, and 2004. Also, Memphis is present in the ‘Tornado Alley’ region, which is why tornadoes are very common. April is the peak month of tornadoes and we do advise you to avoid visiting the city during this time. 

Where does it snow in Memphis?

Whenever it snows in Memphis, it typically covers the entire city as well as its surrounding areas. However, snowfall is a very rare occurrence here and no accumulation is seen at all. 

Things to do in Memphis 

Looking for Christmas activities in Memphis? Here’s a list of things to do in Memphis that will keep you hooked during the snow season! 


While Memphis does not provide skiing options, you can visit nearby places to enjoy this winter activity. The Ober Gatlinburg resort is present at a distance of 6 hours from the city and is a great option for skiing! 

Ice Skating 

Since Memphis does not have natural ice for skating, there are several indoor ice skating rinks open during the winter season. Make sure you check out places like Mid-South Ice House for ice skating options. 

Explore outdoor options 

Apart from these icy adventures, you can also hop on to indulge in some outdoor activities like visiting neighborhoods decorated with festive lights, watching holiday parades, and going to concerts.

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Things to do in Memphis