Yes, it does snow in Michigan during the winter months. Michigan is present in the Midwestern region of the United States, amid the Great Lakes. It is often divided into two distinct regions: the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula. The state is surrounded by four of the five great lakes, including Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. 

Does it Snow in Michigan?

Michigan has a diverse climate with warm summers and cold winters. The Lower Peninsula has warm and humid summers with cold, snowy winters. While the Upper Peninsula witnesses short but pleasant summers along with long, harsh winters. 

The Upper Peninsula tends to receive more snowfall than the Lower due to its proximity with the Great Lakes. Lake-effect snow is a common phenomenon, which can lead to heavy snowfall on the western shores of the state. Sault Ste Marie is the snowiest place in the Upper Peninsula. Overall, the state may experience up to 60 inches of snowfall annually. 

When does it snow in Michigan? 

Snow in Michigan occurs during the winter months, spanning from December till February. 


December is the first month of winter in Michigan. During this month, average lows may reach 25.2 degrees Fahrenheit (-3.7°C) and highs may reach 34.2 degrees Fahrenheit (1.2°C). No more than 10.05 inches of snowfall is experienced in Michigan during this month. 


January is the coldest and the snowiest month in Michigan. Temperatures during this month range between 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-7.2°C) to 31 degrees Fahrenheit (-0.5°C). An average of 12.57 inches of snowfall is recorded in January annually. 


February is the end of winter in Michigan. Average temperatures during this month oscillate between 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.6°C) to 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1°C). Almost 11.46 inches of snowfall is witnessed in February annually. 

Michigan Snowfall by month 

Here’s a list of average snowfall of various cities in Michigan.

CitySnowfall (In Inches)
Benton Harbor77.7
Traverse City101.0
Houghton Lake 74.7
Whitefish Point121.0
(Michigan average snowfall map)

Where does it snow in Michigan? 

Michigan is considered one of the snowiest states in the US, with the Upper Peninsula averaging up to 200 inches of snowfall. Here’s an analysis of average snowfall in Michigan cities: 


Detroit is the most populous city in the US state of Michigan. It is present on the southeastern part of the Lower Peninsula and receives comparatively less snowfall. An average of 45.0 inches of snowfall is seen in Detroit annually. 

Ann Arbor 

Ann Arbor is a vibrant and culturally rich city located in the Lower Peninsula. It is part of Michigan’s ‘Tech Triangle’ and is home to major companies and startups. An average of 61.4 inches of snowfall is seen in the city annually. 

Grand Rapids 

Grand Rapids is present on the Grand River and is often referred to as the ‘Furniture City’. Also known as the ‘Beer City’, Grand Rapids has a number of breweries, beer bars, and brewpubs. The city averages 77.6 inches of snowfall annually. 

Sault Ste. Marie 

Sault Ste. Marie is located in the Upper Peninsula and is one of the snowiest cities in the state. The city boasts several picturesque lighthouses, such as the Point Iroquois Lighthouse and the Sault Ste. Marie Canal. An average of 120.1 inches of snowfall is witnessed in Sault Ste. Marie annually. 

Winter activities in Michigan

Michigan winter temperature is very harsh which gives rise to snowy conditions often. While there are plenty of indoor activities in winter for adults, we do recommend you to indulge in an icy adventure during your stay there. Here’s a list of winter activities in Michigan for adults:


Michigan boasts several ski resorts, particularly in the northern Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. Some of these resorts include the Mount Bohemia Ski Resort, Shanty Creek Resort, Boyne Mountain Resort, and Big Snow Resort. The Ski Flying Hill Michigan is also a major tourist attraction. Copper Peak is the biggest ski jump in the US as it spans about 180 meters. 

Ice Skating 

Several outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks are set up in Michigan during the winter season. Some of the outdoor rinks include Campus Martius Park in Detroit and Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids. Popular indoor rinks include Detroit Skating Club and Suburban Ice Arena in Farmington Hills. 

Winter Festivals and Events 

Winter festivals are prevalent all across Michigan, which is surely sightseeing for tourists. These events include activities like snow sculptures, dog sledding, and much more. Don’t miss out on the Michigan Ice Fest in Munising and the Zehnder’s Snowfest in Frankenmuth. 

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