Yes! It does snow in New York City during the winter season. New York City is located in the northeastern part of the United States and has a temperate continental climate. The city has a population of about 8 million and is considered an economic hub.

Normally, the snow season starts from December and lasts until March. Months with the most snowy weather are usually January and February. On average, the city receives around 25 inches of snowfall annually. Snowfall can range from light dustings to significant accumulations and snow storms.

If you want to check when was the last time it snowed in New York City or does NYC have a lot of snow, make sure you check the snow day predictions regularly.

When does it snow in New York City 

Snowfall is common in New York City during the winter months. It starts from December till February. However, instances of snowfall may occur as early as November and last till March. 

The amount of snowfall varies from year to year. Normally, January and February are the months with the most snowfall. If you want updates about the latest snowfall in NYC, check the Snow Day Predictor. 

New York City snowfall by Month 


Does it snow in New York City in December? The shortest answer is yes, it does! Snowfall is very frequent in New York City during December. Ranging from snow showers to blizzards, NYC can experience frequent change in weather conditions. On average, around 4 to 6 inches of snow falls in NYC during this month. Temperature normally ranges from 44 degrees Fahrenheit to 31 degrees Fahrenheit. Public places like Central Park and Times Square provide a sightseeing experience during this time of the year. 


Yes, January is the snowiest month in New York City. An average of 8 to 10 inches of snow falls during this period. Rain is more frequent than snow and some days have 0 inches of snowfall. Temperature fluctuates between 26 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you take good preventative measures during this time period. Weather patterns can affect the level of snowfall in the city from year to year. 


Almost 8 to 10 inches of snowfall (long-term average) is seen in February in New York City. Temperature ranges from 29 to 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Tourists who are concerned about whether it snows in New York in February, must prepare themselves for any sort of snowstorm. Blizzards are common during this time. It’s always a good idea to check local weather forecasts to get recent information about snowfall. 


Does it snow in New York in March? Yes, the possibilities of snowfall are there but the chances are low. However, tourists can expect 1 or 2 days with some snow during this month. During March, New York City received 3 to 5 inches of snowfall on average. This is because the weather is transitioning from winter to spring and the temperature rises a bit. 

Does it snow in New York on Christmas and Thanksgiving? 

Wondering if it snows in New York City at Christmas, then the answer is yes. However, snowfall in New York City on Christmas is not a common occurrence. On average, there’s a 12% chance of witnessing snowfall during this time of the month. Some years, there might be a light dusting of snow. The city’s festive environment combined with the beautiful weather makes this holiday quite fun. 

Does it snow in New York on Thanksgiving? Well, Thanksgiving normally falls at the end of November, and while snowfall is possible, it’s still very rare. However, chilly temperatures may be witnessed during November, along with occasional snow flurries.

Where does it snow in New York City 

Snowfall can be seen across the entire city, with popular landmarks appearing all white. Here are some places where you can expect snow in NYC

Brooklyn Bridge

There’s no better way to enjoy your trip to NYC than by taking a walk through the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. A snow covered bridge would surely be a sightseeing experience. The picturesque scenery around with snowflakes dropping will leave you in awe of its beauty. 

Central Park 

Who doesn’t love snow covered trees? Central Park is a go to for tourists during the snowy weather as this picturesque landscape transforms into a winter wonderland. Considered as the lungs of NYC, the snow season adds more life to this already bustling city. 

Staten Island Ferry 

Taking a trip to Staten Island with some scenic views of the New York Harbor covered in snow is something we all love. This ferry experience is a must have whenever visiting NYC. 

Times Square 

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, Times Square is a go-to for every visitor out there. What’s an addition to this mesmerizing place is the snowfall. A vibrant atmosphere is witnessed during these winter days and make sure you make the most out of it. 

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When will it snow in New York in 2023?

According to some of the climate reports collected, this year is going to be quite warmer and milder as the climate change kicks in. New York City’s Residents should expect comparatively lesser snowfall this year.

Most snowiest periods are expected to be mid-January to late January or early February. However, keep checking the local weather reports for more recent information. Is it going to be a snow day tomorrow? Open the Snow Day Calculator to get weather predictions.

Chicago weather compared to New York City 

Why is Chicago colder than New York? Chicago is colder as compared to New York City because of its proximity to the Great Lakes. On average, Chicago receives 37 inches of snowfall annually as opposed to NYC, which receives almost 25 inches of snow. New York City witnesses more sunny days than Chicago. If you are trying to move from Chicago to New York, make sure you pack more winter stuff with you.

New York City Snowfall Inches By Year 

Following is an average amount of snowfall in NYC during each year:

202225 inches
202117 inches
202040.9 inches
201925.8 inches
201836.9 inches
201740.9 inches
201626.5 inches
201531.2 inches
201456.6 inches
201357.4 inches

Activities during snow in New York City 

Here’s a list of activities to do during snow season in the New York City 

Snowball fights 

What could be more fun than throwing a snowball at your little sibling? Engage in friendly snowball fights with your loved ones in some open space. Believe me, there’s no better way to enjoy this weather! 

Winter photography 

Who doesn’t want to take some nice candid while on a trip to NYC. The snowy season can add to the beauty of the city, making it an ideal place for winter photography. Visit some famous locations like the Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge etc. to take some breathtaking photos. 

Enjoy warm foods

In order to avoid catching a cold during this snowy season, make sure you treat yourself to some warm foods. All you have to do is visit some local cafe and take a sip of hot chocolate to feel good. A warm croissant or some freshly baked goods are never a bad idea. 

Ice skating 

There’s no better option to enjoy the snowy weather other than Ice skating itself. Some of the places which offer this facility in NYC are Wollman Rink in Central Park and Bryant Park’s Winter Village.  

Explore indoor attractions

Not really a fan of cold weather? Try exploring some indoor attractions to avoid the freezing cold temperature outside. Various museums, art galleries or theaters are always a fun option. Also, why not go for a basketball match to enjoy your day? 

Make sure to get the most out of your trip through these activities! Hope so you will have the answer of does it snow in NYC by now.