No, it does not snow in Orlando, Florida. Although rare instances have occurred, it is not a common phenomenon here. Orlando is located in the central part of the US state of Florida. It is often referred to as the ‘Theme Park Capital of the World’ due to the large number of parks. The Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and Universal Orlando Resort are also located here. 

Does it snow in Orlando?

Orlando, Florida has a subtropical climate marked with hot and rainy summers and mild and dry winters. Snowfall is a rare occurrence due to Florida’s low latitude and its subtropical climate. The city averages 0 inches of snowfall every year. 

Has it ever snowed in Orlando, Florida? 

Yes, it has snowed in Orlando, Florida on rare occasions. To be precise, the city has only witnessed snow twice since the last 120 years. The last time it snowed in Orlando was back in 1993. Almost 12 feet of snow storm struck the city along with 15 tornadoes and 44 deaths. This was one of the rarest events in Florida’s history. Before this, snow accumulation was also witnessed in 1977 in Orlando and Tampa and light flurries in Miami

What is winter like in Orlando, Florida? 

Winters in Orlando, Florida span from November till March. Temperatures normally range between 53 degrees Fahrenheit to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. While occasional cold spells may be witnessed at times, they are very short and rare. January and February are the coldest months of the year in Orlando. 

Temperatures during the Christmas season are generally mild, ranging between 51 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit. A white Christmas is not possible in Orlando. You don’t have to worry about tornadoes during this time of the year. This is because most of Florida’s tornadoes are witnessed in the spring or summer season. Snow in Florida 2023 was not witnessed as the weather remained comparatively dry. 

Winter activities in Orlando, Florida 

Orlando, Florida has mild winters and snow accumulation is not seen at all. This erases the possibility of skiing and other icy adventures. However, worry not, as there are other activities which will keep you hooked during your stay there. 

Theme Parks 

Orlando is known for its theme parks and you cannot completely explore the city without visiting these parks. From Walt Disney World Resort to Universal Orlando Resort, this place is a heaven for tourists. Winter is the best time to visit these parks as the temperatures are mild and bearable. 


Orlando has numerous golf courses which can prove to be a fun activity. Some of the best golfing clubs in Orlando include Winter Park Golf Course, Grand Cypress Golf, and Dubsdread Golf Course

Boat Rides 

Enjoy the scenic views of the city by taking a boat ride across Orlando’s waters. You can take the Central Florida Everglades Airboat Tour from Orlando or 2-Hour Glass Bottom Guided Kayak Eco Tour in Rainbow Springs.