Yes, it does snow in Rhode Island. Located in the New England region of Northeastern United States, Rhode Island has four distinct seasons. Winters in Rhode Island start from December and last until February or sometimes March. 

The amount of snowfall may vary from region to region yearly. Rhode Island is located close to the Atlantic Ocean, which influences the weather conditions here. Some years record more snowstorms in Rhode Island while others may feature slight drizzles. 

How often does it snow in Rhode Island? 

Rhode Island has a humid continental climate with mild summers and snowy winters. Rhode Island experiences 20 to 30 days of measurable snow per year. The average annual snowfall varies from region to region, with higher elevations receiving greater amounts as compared to coastal areas. 

Block Island records an estimated 20 inches of snowfall annually while the capital, Providence, experiences up to 30 inches of snowfall per year. 

What is the weather like in Rhode Island year-round? 

Want to know what the climate is like in Rhode Island? Rhode Island has a moderate continental type climate, where winters can bring extreme cold. December and January are the coldest months with the most snowfall. Temperature normally ranges between 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (1-9°C). Coastal areas are milder than those with higher elevations. 

Spring season spans from March to May, when the weather becomes very pleasant. Summers can be very warm and humid and it may not be a good idea to stay here. The average temperature may range from mid 70s to mid 80s (24-31°C). Then comes the fall season, when temperature starts to drop, making the weather better. 

What months does it snow in Rhode Island? 

When does it snow in Rhode Island? It snows in Rhode Island during the winter months, ranging from December till March. Sometimes, however, snowfall may occur as early as November. 

December marks the onset of the winter season. An average of 7 inches of snowfall may be recorded during this month. The amount of snowfall may increase in the next month, with up to 9 inches in January. Temperature begins to increase a little and February records no more than 7 inches with March receiving even lesser (4 inches)

Where does it snow in Rhode Island? 

Here are some places in Rhode Island which witness snowfall during winters 


Woonsocket is located in the northern part of the state and receives up to 41 inches of snowfall per year. This is because it is present at a higher elevation as compared to other coastal areas. 


Burrillville is also located in the northern region of the state like Woonsocket. On average, it receives up to 46 inches of snowfall annually. With over 201 sunny days per year, Burrillville is a great option to fulfill your white Christmas dream. 


Providence is the capital and the largest city of the state. Providence average snowfall per month is shown here:

Months Average snowfall (In inches)
January 14.0
February 13.8
March 6.2
April 1.1
October 0.2

Winter activities in Rhode Island 

If you want to know more about what winter is like in Rhode Island, make sure you visit it during your next holiday. Here’s a list of things you can do during your stay there!


Rhode Island only offers a single ski area called the Yawgoo Valley Ski Resort. It is located within a short drive from Providence in Exeter. It has 14 different skiing trails and you can opt for whatever you want to! 

Ice Skating

Both outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks are available during the winter months. Ice Skating is a great way to enjoy this season. One of the most popular outdoor ice skating rinks in Rhode Island is in Providence, called the Kennedy Plaza. If you are looking for a warmer ice skating rink, try the indoor option in Rhode Island Sports Center in North Smithfield. 

Winter Hiking 

Rhode Island’s scenic parks and trails are not to miss out on at all and winter hiking is the best way to avail your trip to the fullest. Make sure you have the necessary winter gear before you hop on to go on a hike! 

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