Yes, it does snow in Richmond, Virginia. The city has a humid subtropical climate, with four distinct seasons. Winters are comparatively moderate with hot, humid summers. 

The amount of snowfall in Richmond, Virginia may vary every year. On average, the city receives almost 11 inches (28cm) of snowfall every year. Snowfall is more frequent in January and February than other parts of the year. 

When does it snow in Richmond, Virginia? 

What months will it snow in Virginia? It snows in Richmond during the winter months, spanning from late November till early March. To be precise, the snowfall duration in the city starts from November 25 and ends till March 18. 


Although it is possible to snow in Richmond in November, but not always. It is normally the autumn season during November and the temperature does not drop enough to snow. The average temperature ranges from 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit (4°C) to 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit (16°C). Normally, the snowfall during this month is no more than 1.4 inches. 


December marks the start of the winter season. Temperature normally does not go lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0°C) and more than 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit (11°C). This month witnesses an average of 20 freezing days and snow does not accumulate up to 1.65 inches. 


January is the coldest and the snowiest month of the year. Temperature remains between 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-2°C) to 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit (8°C). It snows for an average 4.5 inches during this month. 


February is the end of the winter season in Richmond, Virginia. Temperature begins to increase, ranging from 30.2 degrees Fahrenheit (-1°C) to 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit (11°C). An average of 1.42 inches of snowfall is accumulated during this month. 


March is the start of the spring season, however, some days may be chilly. During this month, the average temperature recorded is between 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit (3°C) to 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15°C). Snow is more common from March 1 to March 7 and not after the 18th. The amount of snowfall does not exceed 1.61 inches during this time. 

Richmond snowfall by year

Here’s a list of Richmond, Virginia biggest snowfall by year

2.03rd Jan, 20225.1
3.031st Jan, 20217.6
1.07th Dec, 20202.5
1.012th Jan, 20192.5
11.59th Dec, 201829.2
7.07th Jan, 201717.8
6.122nd Jan, 201615.5
6.216th Feb, 201515.7
3.712th Feb, 20149.4
3.824th March, 20139.7
3.919th Feb, 20129.9
2.07th Jan, 20115.1
9.530th Jan, 201024.1

Where does it snow in Richmond, Virginia? 

Does it snow a lot in Richmond, VA? No, it doesn’t. Also, most of the places in Richmond receive an equal amount of snowfall. Snowfall can create a very picturesque sight in the city. If you are planning a trip here, make sure you witness the snowy season. 

Winter activities in Richmond, Virginia 

Here’s a list of winter activities to keep yourself entertained in Richmond, Virginia.


There could be no better way to enjoy the winter season except skiing. Although there are no ski resorts in the city, you can find a number of them within close proximity. One of these ski resorts include the Wintergreen Ski Resort, present at a 1.5 hours drive. The Plunge Snow Tubing Park present in Roseland is also a great option. 

Ice Skating 

There are several outdoor skating rinks available in the area and you must surely try them. The Rink at West Broad Village will provide a magical holiday experience! 

Other forms of entertainment 

Even if you are not a sporty person, you can try out some indoor options to have fun. Visit the holiday lights display around the city, including the Dominion Energy GardenFest of Lights at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden or get a Tacky Light Tour. There are several historical sights too to enjoy your day, including the American Civil War Museum or the Virginia State Capitol. 

If you are a fan of art, don’t forget to visit Virginia Museum of Fine Arts or the Science Museum of Virginia

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