Yes, it does snow in San Jose, California, but very rarely. San Jose is the capital of Silicon Valley and is known for its booming technology industry. It is present about 50 miles south of San Francisco and about 6 miles east of Santa Cruz Mountains. From its diverse culture to its high standard of living, San Jose is considered one of the best places to live in the US.

Does it Snow in San Jose

San Jose experiences a Mediterranean type climate, with mild and wet winters and warm, dry summers. Snowfall is very unusual, particularly due to the city’s Mediterranean type climate. An average of 0 inches of snowfall is witnessed in San Jose annually. 

How often does it snow in San Jose? 

Snowfall is a very rare occurrence in the city and to be precise, San Jose has only experienced snowfall four times since 1892. The last time it snowed in San Jose was on December 10, 2015, when almost 2.7 inches of snow was witnessed. San Jose’s weather is pretty mild and that is why snowfall is not a regular occurrence.

Lick Observatory, present on the top of Mount Hamilton is the place where you can witness snowfall near San Jose. If we compare San Jose with San Francisco, then the latter may be considered slightly colder than the former. 

San Jose Climate by month 

San Jose has a Mediterranean type climate as it is present in the west coast of North America. This means that the city has distinct wet and dry seasons.

Normally, the wet season spans from November till March. About 82% of the annual precipitation occurs during this time frame. January is the coldest month with 9.4°C (49°F) as average temperature.

February is the wettest month of the year with almost 92.2mm of rain. Precipitation is normally in the form of rain as snowfall is highly rare. The dry season is normally considered the best time to visit San Jose. 

Here’s a list of Average rainfall in San Jose:

Months Rainfall (In Inches)
June 0.1
July 0.0
December 3.4

Winter activities in San Jose, California

San Jose Weather is very wild which makes skiing and other snow related activities almost impossible. Here’s a list of free winter activities in San Jose.

Outdoor Ice Skating 

Winters in San Jose call for ice skating activities. Several outdoor rinks are set up during the season including the popular Downtown Ice in San Jose’s Plaza de Cesar Chavez. Make the most of your time in this festive environment! 

Winter Hiking 

Since winters aren’t that extreme in San Jose, this makes it a great time to go on a hike! You can explore the nearby parks like Almaden Quicksilver County Park, Alum Rock Park, or the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

Christmas Celebration

San Jose is one of the best places to spend your Christmas day. Some of the activities include Christmas tree lighting, ice skating rinks, and festive displays etc. Also, don’t forget to take pictures with Santa during your stay there!

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