Yes, it does snow in Sedona, Arizona during the winter months. Sedona is present in the northern part of Arizona and is known for its red rock dominated landscape. Surrounded by Ponderosa and Pinyon Pine forests, it is located at an elevation of 1,326 meters above sea level.

Does it Snow in Sedona?

One interesting fact about this city is that it is sometimes associated with the New Age and metaphysical culture. Many believe that the Sedona Vortex has some special significance and healing properties. 

Sedona, Arizona experiences a semi-arid climate with warm summers and mild winters. Snowfall is not unknown to the region, but it is relatively rare and not significant. An average of 3 ½ inches of snowfall is recorded in Sedona annually. 

What months does it snow in Sedona?

Snowfall in Sedona can be witnessed during the winter months, spanning from December till March. Snowfall is not spread out equally as it is very light and vanishes quickly. You are most likely to witness snowfall from December to February as temperature drops a little during these months. Here’s an analysis of Sedona weather by month: 


December is the first month of winters in Sedona. Temperature drops a little and ranges between 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1°C) to 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15°C). Snowfall is not that prevalent during this month and light showers are rarely witnessed. 


January is the snowiest month of the year in Sedona. Temperatures hover between 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1°C) to 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15°C). An average of 1.4 inches of snowfall is witnessed in Sedona during January. 


February marks the transition to spring season in Sedona. Temperatures increase a little and oscillate between 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit (2°C) to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit (18°C). An average of 0.8 inches of snowfall is seen in February.

How often does it snow in Sedona, Arizona?

Sedona receives snowfall almost five times a year. Although no snow accumulation is witnessed at all, it is surely sightseeing to experience the red rocks topped with ice. What’s best about Sedona is that you don’t have to think much about planning a trip during the winter months, probably due to the availability of hotels and restaurant reservations. 

Witnessing a white Christmas in Sedona isn’t really possible as the average lows in December range up to 31 degrees Fahrenheit (0°C). Winter is considered the best time to visit the city, particularly because of less precipitation. 

Things to do in Sedona in winter 

Sedona winter temperatures are generally mild, which makes outdoor exploration possible. Here’s a list of winter activities to keep you hooked during your stay there. 


Sedona winter snow doesn’t accumulate at all, which makes skiing activities almost impossible. However, there are plenty of ski resorts in Arizona which are present within close proximity to the city. The Arizona Snowbowl Resort in Flagstaff and Hilton Sedona Resort in Bell Rock are some of the best options. 


Sedona’s mild winter weather makes it an excellent time for hiking. Apart from other tourist destinations, this city isn’t teeming with people which makes it even more enjoyable. Some of the most popular trails in this regard include Bell Rock, Red Rock Crossing, and Cathedral Rock. 

Red Rock Scenic Drives 

Make the most of your time during your stay in Sedona by embarking on long drives across the city. The Red Rock Scenic Byway and Oak Creek Canyon offer some of the best winter landscapes.

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