With the holiday season just around the corner, many users are concerned whether snow will return to GTA or not. Since the game was released, Rockstar has continued to add updates to make it more fun.

Snow in GTA 5

There are new updates for most of the holidays like Valentine’s Day, Halloween season, Independence Day and much more.

Likewise, Rockstar has also released a new update for this holiday season which includes drift races, new vehicles, wildlife, and much more. Snow has also returned to Blaine County and Los Santos. With this, you can enjoy a lot of festive activities and make snowmen! 

When does it snow in GTA 5 Online 2023? 

GTA 5 Online Snow 2023 is finally here and we cannot be anymore excited. While GTA is fun to play, snow makes the environment even more festive. Apart from enjoying the white snowflakes, you can also build a snowman and take part in snowball fights. Don’t forget to ward off Mr. Gooch and kill the Yeti during this Christmas season. 

GTA Winter Update 2023 Release Date 

Users are very excited as the GTA 2023 update just released some days back. The update was released on December 12, 2023 and brought a lot of new features along with snow. Among these features, some of the best additions include new vehicles, animals (in Freemode), drift racing, and new weapons. Apart from this, some experience improvements were also seen in this new update. You can also preview the weather options and receive a gift on your character’s birthday. 

What time does the snow end in GTA Online? 

While the snow update has brought a lot of joy, it is not going to stay there forever. According to the official announcement by Rockstar, most of the new features in this update will end on Jan 3, 2024. Although no statement was made regarding snowfall, we expect it to melt on the same date. Most of the updates in GTA normally occur on Thursdays, so we can guess that snow may also remain in Los Santos until January 4, 2024. 

How do you turn off snow in GTA 5 Online? 

Although snow is a source of fun for many out there, others are annoyed too. This is because snow leads to bad visibility and other issues. If you can’t wait till 3rd January for snow to be over, we have some good news for you. You can easily turn off the snow by yourself. In order to turn this off, make sure you are in a public session and the lobby has a number of people in it. Now, follow these steps:

  • Proceed by pausing the game. 
  • Head towards the Online tab.
  • Select Jobs from here. 
  • From here, opt for the Rockstar Created tab. 
  • In this menu, select Stunt Races. 
  • Here, you can opt for any Hotring Circuit rears. 
  • Just confirm the settings and start the race. Snow will be completely gone by now. 
  • If you want the snow to be removed entirely, you will have to do this with a friend. 

Keep in mind that don’t try to grab snow after removing it, as it will bring back snow. 

What do the snowmen in GTA Online do? 

The new GTA update has brought back snowmen, which are present in different locations in San Andreas. There are three types of snowmen in the game, varying with the type of hat and scarf. You can find and then destroy them in order to earn cash and RP. Also, you can unlock bonus rewards by destroying them. 

Snow in GTA 5 Cheat 

You don’t have to wait for winters to enjoy snow in GTA. This is because you can experience the snowy weather using cheats too. Are you also tired of the same sunny weather in GTA all the time? Don’t worry, as we got you covered here. Just enter MAKEITRAIN to change the weather. Keep in mind that although you can enjoy snowfall using this cheat, it won’t stick to the ground like on Christmas Day.

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