As the winter season approaches, there are certain places in the world which would be seen covered in an icy blanket. The question like ‘where does it snow the most in the world?’ is essential for adventurers, meteorologists, as well as snow enthusiasts. If you are also a snow lover like us, this guide is going to prove a lot of help. 

Where does it snow the most in the world?

Keep in mind that there are plenty of ways in which you can describe the snowiest places in the world. It may be a snowiest country, city, or town. Since we do not know what exactly is the snowiest place on the planet, as the average amount of many mountainous regions is still unmeasured. However, below is an analysis of some of the snowiest locations in the world. 

Top 10 snowiest countries in the world 

Here is a list of top 10 snowiest countries in the world. 

  • Canada
  • Japan
  • USA
  • Norway
  • Finland 
  • Russia
  • Greenland
  • China 
  • Nepal
  • North Korea

Highest snowfall country in the world 

Japan is the snowiest country in the world. The top 3 snowiest cities of the world are located here. Almost 51% of Japan is covered in snow. Apart from that, Russia also receives a considerable amount of snowfall. The average snowfall in Russia is about 100 inches. 

Higher elevations in Japan can receive up to 600 inches of snowfall per year. On the other hand, Russia witnesses about 72 snowy days every winter. If you are a fan of skiing, don’t miss out on these icy heavens this winter season. 

What city gets the most snow in the world? 

Aomori, Japan, is considered the snowiest city in the world. It is present in the northern reaches of Japan’s Honshu Island and is considered to be one of the coldest places on Earth. Aomori’s climate is a blend of Siberian air masses with warm currents of the Tsugaru Strait. 

If you are thinking that this place would be deserted because of such harsh climate, you are certainly wrong. According to a 2015 consensus, Aomori had a population of 287,648 people. The city is a great place to visit, particularly for families. 

Where does it snow all year round in the world?  

Snowfall all year round is a pretty rare phenomenon and it normally occurs in places present at higher elevations. However, there are some places where you can expect snow most of the time. If you are also a fan of icy adventures like us, Austria is a good place to visit. Places like Kaprun and Dachstein have snow year round and you can indulge in skiing activities. 

Apart from this, Switzerland is also a winter wonderland for snow lovers. The Matterhorn Mountain is a go-to for skiers as it offers a snow guarantee most of the time. The infamous Russian winter won’t disappoint either in terms of snow. Siberia is covered in snow for about 250 days per year. 

Where is the most snow in the world right now? 

It’s the start of December and winter has set in in most parts of the world. Most parts of the world are covered in snow, particularly in Europe and North America. The Pyrenees and Alps have got their first snowfall of the season, attracting many skiers as well as tourists. 

Austria and Switzerland are the countries you should be visiting if you are in search of snow. Snowfall has also been recorded in Tignes and Val Thorens in France. If you move a bit eastward, the Scandinavian region has also hit low temperatures from the past couple of days. 

Where is the deepest snow in the world? 

The world record for the deepest snow in the world is of Mt. Ibuki in Shiga Prefecture in Japan. Almost 465 inches of snow was recorded here back on 14th Feb, 1927. Apart from this, almost 451 inches of snow was recorded in Tamarack, California on March 11, 1911. 

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